segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2018

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Spending time in the abode, trying to pretend the warm wind is out playing with the sun. I miss its touch on my skin, going out and feeling that warm embrace - when the air temperature meets my own body's it is almost like I'm levitating. floating with both feet on the ground. I like that. I know I might regret this in a few months when the sweat and sleepless nights and the too-hot-to-go-outside 40 degrees make its way into our lives in this little corner of Europe but for now I enjoy dreaming about it and thinking of myself as this desert child who craves for the chance to walk around barefoot and display the works of art spattered around her skin (this one on my arm is from ágata 💛 she is probably my favorite tattoo artist in town). so for now, I will keep imagining things, inside, listening to rad tunes like Veni Vidi Vici from Black Lips. summery vibes: on.

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  1. I am absolutely in love with these photos and with your tattoo. It's magical!

    1. thank you, dear Mary :) It is magical indeed, Ágata is such a talented artist, can't wait to get my skin drawn on a little bit more